Think Like A Customer Not a Package Designer

03 Jan

A couple of the most fruitful package introductions have come from those people who knew nothing with regards to package design. How does this makes sense? Designers are very creative individuals. These people get to pay for designing packages which may or may not necessarily be what the clients need or want. Great designers can keep up with the updated design technologies and trends. What is hot and what is night might be the right answer to having a package design. On the other hand, what if it is not?

We all have a tendency to be caught up in recognized parameters and rules. You are not able to accomplish this because of the manner it necessitates to be produced or if it is this product that has to be packaged in this manner or this certain material. Or the notion the designer has in mind is the updated rage in package novelty, as a result, it will work for this certain product and other kinds of products as well. But then again, let us think laterally regarding the design for a second.

Do you constantly challenge stereotypes? Why does a certain product necessitate to be in a particular shape? Is the product in a certain package because it has always been done in that manner before? In my new survey regarding packaging products for the female consumers there were significant disparity between the packaging professionals and packaging designers at as crucial and what the point of view of its significance to the ultimate end users or consumers.

One package design at trait I asked about especially was the shape. The designers were enticed to it. They see, as do most of the packaging experts, shape is an essential part of package design. The designers see a theatrical new shape and are right away moved by its creativity. On the other hand, the client was not fascinated by the shape as by the usefulness of the package. The clients believe that, "Make it work for me first, then worry about how pretty it looks." So be sure not to think like the package designer, instead think like a consumer. Be sure to keep these things in mind during the design process: who do you anticipate to utilize the products and how? If it is the women, then 80 percent influencer or purchaser of buying decisions, what is going to attract them? Here is a hint, it is not necessarily the design.

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